Apple Vision Pro Launch Ready

Screenshot from the Vision Pro simulator showing the main Chronicling window and a "Drink Coffee" pop out in front of a kitchen

I’m excited to share that Chronicling is ready to launch on Apple Vision Pro this Friday. This new version brings the familiar features of the iOS and iPad apps into the immersive realm of visionOS, with a unique addition.

On visionOS, you can place widget-like windows for each category around your space, wherever works for you. Whether it’s tracking your coffee intake, monitoring your plant watering schedule, recording movie nights or remembering when to change your bed linen, Chronicling lets you log these activities right where they happen.

If you’re unsure about when you last watered your plant, glance at the window you’ve placed near it for a quick reminder. This integration of digital logging into your physical space aims to make tracking your activities even more straightforward than before.

Support for Apple Vision Pro is available from v1.2.21 on the App Store.