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Chronicling helps you track and visualize anything that matters to you.

“If you’re looking for a flexible approach to tracking events in your life and want to try an app with an excellent, modern design that supports the latest iOS and iPadOS technologies, be sure to give Chronicling a try.” – John Voorhees, MacStories

  • Track anything you can think of – habits, chores, health metrics, moods, medication, significant events and more.
  • Customise each category with an icon, colour and description, and add notes to each event
  • Identify patterns and trends using charts
  • Automate with Shortcuts, adding events with system triggers
  • Add interactive widgets to your Home and Lock screens
  • iCloud sync between devices, supporting iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and visionOS
  • Use Focus Filters to customize your experience
  • More to come!

If you have questions, suggestions or any other feedback, please email

App nameChronicling
PriceFree, with an in-app subscription for additional features ($0.99/month or $9.99/year, or regional equivalent, see Feature table below for details)
App ID6445992145
App Store link
DeveloperRebecca Owen
Number of Categories3Unlimited
watchOS App
visionOS App
Customize category name, icon and colour
iCloud Sync
Custom groups and focus filters
Custom App Icon
Customize category period (daily/monthly, default weekly)
Widgets (Home and Lock screen)2 (1 interactive)4 (3 interactive)
Shortcuts to find/add/delete events
Shortcuts to find/add/delete categories and groups





Apple Vision Pro

Screenshot from the Vision Pro simulator showing the main Chronicling window with stacked bar chart and a "Watch a Movie" pop out in a Living Room.

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About the Developer

Rebecca Owen is a software engineer by day and aspiring indie dev by night from the UK. You can find me most frequently on Mastodon and sometimes on Threads.