Counts, New Charts and Journal Suggestions: v1.3 Update

Two screenshots of Chronicling - one of the Events tab showing two charts, and one of the edit category screen

This week, v1.3 of Chronicling launched, bringing a number of new features to make tracking even faster and more flexible. The highlight is the ability to add a count to each event, so you can now track, for example, pages read, miles walked, or liters of water. A default can be set for each category, making it easier to keep tracking via widgets and Shortcuts too.

This update also adds support for the Journal Suggestions framework. By tapping the lightbulb on the Events tab, you can add an event with the date, time, and notes pre-populated from the suggestion. In Settings, you can map each type of suggestion to a category; a Contact suggestion could be quickly logged to a Friends category, for example.

The Events tab has been redesigned, bringing the stacked bar chart to iPhone. This chart can be filtered by group and toggled between plotting the number of events or scaling the bars by counts.

I hope you enjoy this update. If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at